For some people, phlilately is an ordinary hobby, and for someone it is true calling. In the history of collecting postage stamps were many eminent personalities. Many of them have become famous collectors. That such a man was Theodore Champion. Reputation of Theodore Champion.

Theodore Champion

Theodore Champion was born in 1873 in Switzerland. When he was young man, he liked cycling and philately. But over time, the love of stamps won. He moved to Paris, where he became a member of the French Philatelic Society, edited various publications on the subject of philately.

Moreover, he even had a hand in the creation of the Paris Postal Museum. Since 1902 began working as an editor of one of the most popular philatelic handbooks Louis Iver. Of course, this experience was not in vain. He studied different directories, started to understand all the intricacies of stamps. So it was the beginning of his own philatelic activities. Champion opened a store at Drouot, which enabled him to assemble a unique collection with the rarest samples. This store became the epicenter of philatelists from around the world, there the first stamp album "Lalla" appeared.

Among the Champion store customers were personages, like the Egyptian Fouad, Prince of Monaco, Ferdinand, King George the V, the Spanish monarch, famous philatelist Baron Alphonse de Rothschild, and many others.

Unsuccessful robbery

One funny famous story was related to personality of Champion. Once Champion and his famous friend Baron Alphonse de Rothschild were arrested for attempting to steal a very expensive stamps. After it became clear that they were not going to steal anything. It was year of Hitler anti-Semitic campaign.

And Rothschild is a Jew by birth, just decided to take part in serious philatelic exhibition in Vienna. Though he worked incognito for fear of some valuable items were. Therefore, he wanted to quietly take them through Champion.

Theodore Champion - a vivid and exciting personality in the history of collecting stamps. He made a great contribution to philately and collecting stamps. Theodore Champion - a striking personality in the terrific world of philately.


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