Kings and Queens of New Zealand

Pictures of the King or Queen have been on a number of New Zealand stamps over the years. When the King or Queen died, a new stamp showing the new King or Queen was usually issued. For example, when Queen Victoria died, a new King of New Zealand, King Edward VII, was crowned. New Zealand stamps with his picture were issued in 1909.

Kings and Queens of New Zealand

When King Edward died suddenly in 1910, the next King was King George V. However, because the Post Office still had ample supply King Edward stamps, it was not until 1915 that New Zealand stamps showing King George's picture were issued.

On 7 May 1935, a set of three stamps was issued to mark the fact that King George had been King for 25 years, and with the coronation of King George VI in 1937, the New Zealand Post Office issued three stamps that carried the King’s picture.

After the death of King George VI his daughter Elizabeth became New Zealand's Queen. On 25 May 1953 stamps were issued to mark Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

The first visit to New Zealand by a British Sovereign took place when Queen Elizabeth II visited in 1953 and the Post Office issued two special stamps to mark the event. The 3d stamp, had a picture of the Queen on it and the 4d stamp showed the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip. In 1954, the Post Office issued a large set of Queen Elizabeth II stamps.

New Zealand stamps have also pictured other members of the Royal family. To name just a few, on the 1946 Peace stamp was a picture of the King and Queen with Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth, while the 1952 New Zealand Health stamps had a picture of Prince Charles on the 2d stamp and Princess Anne on the 1½d stamp.

In 1981, the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was marked by the issue of two stamps. Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and their children were also featured on the 1985 New Zealand Health stamps.

In 1990 a special miniature sheet was produced to commemorate 150 years of postage stamps. The five stamps depicted all the monarchs of New Zealand From Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II, including Edward VIII who abdicated the throne.


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